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Glo Makeup Application

Looking for a red carpet look for an upcoming gala or party? At Volaré Esthetics by Kali, we use the GloMakeup line for professional application to deliver the best makeup application on the market

1 hour  Makeup application $35 
(Includes color matching to skin and free skin skin care analysis) 


  • Glo Makeup products are free of talc in order to provide an even coverage throughout the application area.  
  • Glo Makeup products come in a wide range of colors to match many different styles. 
  • Glo Makeup products are not tested on animals.  
  • All ingredients go through a process that is triple-milled to ensure long-lasting and even coverage. 
  • Glo Makeup products work with sensitive skin and won’t cause unnecessary irritation. 


Q: Do Glo Makeup products use chemicals?  
A: These skin care products are designed with the perfect combination of science and nature. The natural ingredients offer skin the rich nutrients needed to be healthy and the synthetic substances help to achieve results that would be otherwise impossible.  

Q: Are there parabens in these products?  
A: No product from Glo Skin Beauty contains any harmful parabens. Each and every ingredient has been properly and thoroughly vetted to ensure no harmful preservatives end up in the final solutions.  

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