Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkle Reduction at Volaré Esthetics by Kali

Many people desire to reverse the aging process by reducing their wrinkles. However, not many are willing to pay for or undergo complicated surgeries. Fortunately, we offer many non-invasive procedures here at Volaré Esthetics by Kali. 

Clients will enjoy myriad of benefits from using the Venus Versa

  • Non-invasive  
  • No scars or permanent marks 
  • Affordable 
  • Fast recovery time 
  • Short treatment time 

The Venus Versa represents one of the most popular aesthetic treatments in the industry. This versatile platform provides non-invasive and in-demand aesthetic procedures such as acne treatments, skin resurfacing, hair removal, wrinkle reduction, and photorejuvenation. There are three specific technologies offered through the Venus Versa workstation. The first technology is known as Intense Pulsed Light and is delivered via SmartPulse. Venus Versa also includes Smart Scan which administers NanoFractional Radio Frequencies. The final technology is a proprietary technology called Multi-Polar Radio Frequency.   


Q: Does my skin tone matter?  
A: Our wrinkle reduction treatments work well on all skin tones.  

Q: Can I really have this procedure completed during a lunch break? 
A: Yes. Exact treatment lengths vary slightly between each individual, but most procedures don’t last more than 30 minutes.  

Q: How many treatments are required to see results?  
A: Although the exact number will depend on each individual, most patients only require 6 to 8 treatments. 

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